Bibi Joon's Kitchen

“Bibi is the ancient Persian word for lady (of the house, tribe, dynasty) and Joon means my soul or dear which Persians attach to the name of dear ones”


Bibi Joon’s Kitchen is HCG’s new concept which is hosted in a more intimate setting geared toward blue zones Al fresco dining and Bibi’s garden to table concept of entertaining. The setting is ideal for groups of to 12 people.


The kitchen and wildlife-certified garden are tucked into a leafy canyon in the historic Marston Hills neighborhood of San Diego, adjacent to the world-renowned Balboa Park. Reservations are needed.


Bibi Joon’s Kitchen also hosts day-long retreat that offer lessons in healthy eating and living including Yoga, bonsai or ceramics making, introduction to art therapy and making your own natural cosmetics and discussion subject of the group’s choice. Bibi has been consulting and teaching Ikigai and Hygge for the last decade and in this new concept she will integrate all this learning from small groups of women who with to take a day off from their busy schedule to reconnect with their inner self with like minded people. It is a day without the distraction of cell phones and other electronic connections, you need to plan in advance and call to schedule it.


By appointment only if you have your own group. Season From March to October.

Hosting six people for two hours. Preparing and eating together a 3 course meal of you choice for $900 

You can bring your own beverage to be served with  no additional corking fee. Alternatively we can also pair it for you also at no extra charge.

For more information, call 858-405-1092 or email at [email protected]

Ideal for corporate or family celebrations that could take two to three hours of making eating and drinking together a 3 course menu of your choice. up to 12 people only and $1800 and with advanced reservations.

For more information, call 858-405-1092 or email at [email protected]

An exclusive new offering from Bibi Joon’s Kitchen is the day retreat. You can either opt to choose your group of 10 to 12 people or put your name on the reservation list. Program will be emailed to you for the day.

$1000 per person

For more information, call 858-405-1092 or email at [email protected]

If you have a corporate that needs to accommodate a group greater than 12, please go to our corporate events page or call 858/405.1092