Culinary Events

Travel the World through our Culinary Journeys

Engage all of your senses as you learn to prepare seasonal favorites from the major world culinary influences: France, Italy, Spain, Persia, India, Morocco, Japan and Thailand. Our promise is to introduce you to authentic food in an intimate social setting that mirrors the warmth and lively ambiance of your grandmother’s kitchen.

When you book Bibi to cook with you and your friends or Colleagues, she will send you a sampling of menus from around the world. You choose the type of cuisine and how many courses you wish to make. Then depending on the size of your group, she may keep you together or divide in groups, then for the next two hours, you will engage in making your food or observing the process (depends on the format you choose) then the entire group enjoys a meal like no other together.

Simply Delicious

Our Simply Delicious series features classic rustic dishes authentically prepared following the recipes passed down from generations of home cooks from around the world.  This is truly “Grandma’s Cooking” at its best (and healthiest).

Pricing for lunch and dinner upon request and after menu discussed.

Simply Elegant

Our Simply Elegant series features classic dishes found on the menus of fine restaurants around the world. Learn the techniques and vocabulary used by chefs to prepare the meals enjoyed by lovers of fine food.

Because we select only the freshest ingredients, our menus change seasonally.  Our menu options are adaptable to meet your dietary specifications. Let our chef guide you in the selection of the perfect menu for your culinary adventure.    

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