Adult Events

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, special event, date night, life milestone, or corporate work event, we are are happy to create an atmosphere where you feel at ease.  With Bibi, you will not just have dinner and talk to the person seated next to you but you will feel like you are at a friend’s house learning how to make new meals.

By appointment only.
No corkage fee for all adult events.



Since the opening of HCG in 2009, Bibi has been asked if she can go to someone’s house and throw a party.  This has always been a challenge but now in the post covid world, this is something that she is doing at her redesigned home Kitchen known as Bibi Joon’s Kitchen.

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Iron Chef-style group cooking competition

This is a fast-paced team building activity where guests are divided into two teams and face off in a timed culinary competition. Bibi and the Staff of HCG are the culinary coaches whereas teams are challenged to create delicious dishes from scratch. When the clock runs out, each team presents their creation to the judge and then enjoys the feast they created. Teams are judged on presentation, taste and teamwork. 

Price: $200+

Sip and Stir

Inspired by Bibi’s gastronomic travels and her sold-out first cookbook – The Spice Whisperer, this format is composed with fresh ingredients and exciting culinary techniques to prepare a three course meal in her three different kitchens. Bibi will provide hands-on instructions and introduction to the mis-en place to support your group in the preparation of a three-course meal. 

Price: $150

Bride and Groom special

Don’t know what to give to the new bride and groom? How about this package where they spend a romantic time at their kitchen with the Harvard Cookin’ Girl and learn all the tricks around the kitchen while cooking a three course meal sipping a very special cocktail and having a great time. 

Price: $500

Date Night

A romantic evening just for you and your sweetheart or you and your grown up children. A 3-4 course meal of your choice prepared in front of you at your Kitchen’s table. Get involved as much or as little as you wish while sipping your wine.

Price: $350 for lunch and $500 for the evening.