Meet the Harvard Cookin’ Girl

Bibi Kasrai

Bibi is the Harvard Cookin’ Girl and author of The Spice Whisperer. In 2009, after years at the top of corporate ladders, she packed up her awards, took her Harvard MBA diploma off the wall, kicked off her heels and donned an apron. Harvard Cookie Girl was born. As the Harvard Cookie Girl, Bibi worked in conjunction with educators, school districts and parents to create and deliver a groundbreaking classroom curriculum fostering nutrition and healthy cooking. Quickly, the business grew and Bibi’s culinary offerings expanded. Harvard Cookie Girl became Harvard Cookin’ Girl.  Create. Eat. Laugh.

“I am fortunate to earn a living doing what I love and knowing that I am changing attitudes about cooking and eating. I am grateful to work along side  acclaimed, compassionate chefs and share in the fellowship of innovative restauranteurs. My clients become my friends and colleagues. I am following my dreams – one plate at a time.”