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Meet the Robin Katz

Robin Katz

Robin Katz, founder and driving force behind Nola Rose Chocolate, is possessed with a love and appreciation for artistic culinary expression that is more than just a lifestyle, but a legacy. Coming from a family of food lovers and artisans, she has been in love with the kitchen since her first batch of thumbprint cookies, baked with care when she was just five years old. Growing up where vacations, holidays and birthdays revolved around both preparing and exploring new and adventurous cuisines, Robin has spent her entire life developing and refining a sophisticated palate.

A multifaceted student, Robin originally studied mechanical engineering at Smith College in Massachusetts. Her experiences there and throughout life deepened her passion for creative cuisine and proceeded to attend the highly regarded culinary institute Le Cordon Bleu.  To both engineering and cooking, she brings a keen eye for detail and passion for technical precision. With over 10 years of cumulative culinary experience, she has spent the past seven years under the tutelage of a Chef de Cuisinier of France, Chef Bernard Guillas, and San Diego’s Chef of the Year 2017, Chef Ron Oliver, of the Marine Room in San Diego.  Up until the end of 2017, she served as the Sous Chef of The Marine Room, a recipient of numerous awards over its 75 year history, being repeatedly honored as a AAA 4-Diamond rated restaurant, as well as Best French Restaurant in San Diego by the San Diego Restaurant Association.

Robin is honored to announce her new involvement with Harvard Cookin’ Girl in the heart of La Jolla where she will be taking on a host of events, parties and classes under the guidance of Chef/Owner Bibi Kasrai.