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Bibi Kasrai has been involved in many organizations and structural changes of those organizations. As such, she has helped many colleagues and employees with personal growth challenges. She has also helped a lot of young adults and professionals in her community. In 2015 she was named “100 top mentor in the US” by the Mentor Insight Institute and mentioned in the book “Going Supernova- the bold paths of 101 super-achievers”.  She has a mentorship relationship with UCSD’s foreign exchange students who come to the US already as professionals and offers them internships in entrepreneurship. Over the years, she has helped many people realize their “own personal best”.  She has been asked many times after her captivating talks why she doesn’t do life or professional coaching. This year, Bibi is offering very limited “Ikigai consulting” workshops as well as one on one sessions.

To book a session you must first call for a free 15 min consult at (858) 888-3509. She accepts cyber consulting clients as well.


best to read this article written by the World Economic Forum first.

That’s a good question because I never thought I could even help myself and the truth is you can’t help anyone, not even your kids, until you are able to help yourself and set the journey straight for yourself.  And I am not sure it’s called the happy place, it’s more like the equilibrium spot- where you were always meant to be.

Don’t you agree that my life looked perfect from the outside (Harvard MBA, Chief Development Officer, High Salary, Beautiful family, Beautiful home, seemingly healthy, ….) but what was the inside? I was unhappy. Was I born to do this? Was this supposed to be my life? Pay mortgage? Drive the kids? Raise money for others?  I thought there is more to life and started the tough journey inside but not the Tony Robbins self-realization way that westerners do…I took refuge in looking at ancient wisdom, mystics and poets throughout history and ancient cultures. It took a long time, it was painful, but it bears fruits the same way it takes a tree 5-7 years to bear fruits.

two answers: 1) no pain no gain 2) Not necessarily depending on your background and where you may be in your journey.

Others. It’s always others who see you better than you do. I have mentored more people in my life than I have hair on my head. In corporate America, you get evaluations and a pat on your shoulder and you say yeah yeah yeah….but in my life now, real people who don’t pay me or don’t get paid by me come and tell me do you know you helped me not stutter when you trusted me with teaching? Do you know how you inspired me to shift gears and go for my dream? Do you know encouraged me to apply to grad school? Do you know you helped me find my true calling? Do you know you helped me face my bully? These are real people and real stories and I may ask them to write their testimonials one day. Then I posted an article on facebook about Ikigai and people asked me how this works and if I can teach them. My immediate answer was no, then I spoke to a few life and business coaches and to my therapist and they all were unanimous in telling me I should do it.  So I applied myself to find a formula and I think I did.

Ah I won’t sell my secret sauce here. It’s a hybrid. Obviously like anything in a modern society, it has to work with our timeline and busy lives.

Yes. Only you chose pain today or pain tomorrow